November 5, 2007

The Avalanche

Tracy Morgan is Totally Awesome.


Sam McLovin
Our very own Sam Nau won $50 for his impersonation of McLovin at our company sponsored Halloween party. He is completely sober here.

80's Choreographed Gang Fight!
"You'll look like cooked spaghetti"

Appalachian State is HOT HOT HOT!

KSU Power Towel
Almost as good as Appalachian State's video.

Invisible Mirror Prank

The New BackUp: Protect Your Home!
Many customers are buying one for each side of the bed.

Guy hit in head with .50 caliber ricochet

Gorilla Cadbury Ad

What's your Dad like? Doo Dah Doo Doo

Pete and Brian: Serious Actors

The College Humor Prank War #6

Slip n Slide

Also, if you're looking for full episodes of NBC shows like The Office or 30 Rock, they're available on their website.


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