July 26, 2007

And Now For The Worst Interview . . .

We've already brought you the Best Interview. Now it's time for the Worst Interview. This is impossible to watch without having your skin crawl. Imagine a car full of puppies that's being driven by a car full of kittens into a bridge. Sure, you don't want to watch but you also can't turn away.


July 23, 2007

A Trip Down the Catwalk

I love live TV. Just love it. On the Huffometer Funcentric Scale, this probably rates a 3 but it's still good for a laugh or two.


July 22, 2007


If I ever go to prison again, I hope it's a Filipino prison. Great food. Exotic locale. 75% less shivving. The only drawback: Activity Hour


July 21, 2007

Meet Our Good Friend, Paint Huffer

While all of us over here at T'Huff prefer good ol' office toner for curing what ails us, we certainly respect those who indulge in fumes of a more pedestrian pedigree. So say hello to Patrick Tribett. Normally, we'd post a link to his blog but I don't think it's going to be updated for quite some time.

(click on the pic)

July 18, 2007

Rainbow. Brite.

Disclosure: I'm a Mac guy. And unless Michael Dell has a gun pointed at my head or a dumptruck full of cash pointed at my bank account, I'll never buy a PC

That being said, I'm really digging the new Dell Inspiron commercials. More than likely, it's just the Flaming Lips soundtrack, but I still like the commercial. Visually appealing. And just pretty nifty. Watch this clip. If you want.


July 12, 2007

No one has fun at work.

I saw this video a while back and liked it. For some reason. Possibly the song - since it was catchy when first released and catchy now. Possibly the transitions. But probably because of the tall girl in the black t-shirt drinking the Bud Light. At any rate, heard the song a bit ago and remember the video. So now I'm posting it.

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri and Vimeo.


July 9, 2007

Bright lights. Big city. Ok reception.

Sprint just launched a new toy to screw around with. Moderately neat. Use it and see your name in lights.

unrelated: Apparently, Sprint has something to do with cellphones.


Just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Sorta.

This classic clip usually makes the rounds in mid-March. For some reason. The way I see it, if it's funny then, it's funny now. And if you haven't seen it yet, consider it a bonus.