February 28, 2009

Your Lucky Ticket

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Guy thinks he won the lottery. Instead his asshole awesome friends pull a prank on him by inserting a ticket they bought into his stack and showing the previous night's numbers instead of the current/new numbers. Bonus for decent editing work.

language warning


Donkey Pong

I bet the PP league fined him for excessive celebration. Note the score at the end. Probably a set up to get us to buy something.


February 24, 2009

Back in Business

February 23, 2009

Air Bud

I can't believe this video just now found me. And that's all I'm saying about this.

February 20, 2009

100 Songs for Your Earhole

You want to look away. You want to turn it off. But you can't. Because the beats are so bitchin' and the moves are so fly. So shut up and watch it already. Besides, after watching this, you'll get whatever crappy song is currently in your head out of your head and replace it with 100 pretty decent songs.

(Thanks Huffer Rebecker for the tip - a few days ago.)

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.


February 19, 2009

Class Act

Starts good - you know - your standard Hot-Chick-Knows-She's-A-Hot-So-She-Acts-Like-A-Hot-Chick-for-the-Camera Video - and then it gets great half-way through. I won't ruin it for you except to say that people can no longer complain about the "broken" education system when everything looks T-and-A-OK to me. (so what if it was filmed outside of the U.S. We could all learn from this.)

*mildly NSFW

(Two-fer Hat Tip on Huffer Big Time's 2nd tip-o-da-day!)


I Gotta Have More Jovi!

This wild-and-wacky fan has NBA Fever!!!® . . . and probably the clap and hep B as well.

Although if you can't make a viral video with Bon Jovi as the background music, you're doing something wrong. I've never watched a full NBA game in my life - and now I'm mortgaging my trailer for Celtics season tickets because of this video. And this dancing bastard will probably a movie deal out of this.

(Thanks Huffer Big Time for the tip!)


February 12, 2009

Change the America!

"Hi. We're Asians and therefore, we're crazy." They should just stick to their crap-on-each-other videos.


Successful Seduction: Love is in the Air

Who says you can't find helpful content on Toner Huffer? (actually, I say that. a lot.) Anyway - just in time for Valentine's Day - a video showing some tips for a successful seduction.

*Spoiler Quote*

"In Detroit you need a dollar, a 12 pack of beer, a gram of coke and a whip!"



This video has *everything*. Weezer remix, morons, bromosexuals, and even a Beer-A-Mid.


February 10, 2009

Hack A Lock

While we generally don't encourage petty thievery at T Huff, Inc., we recently received an email from Huffer Nail suggesting we blog this. Apparently he's looking for part-time work in the Locker Break-In Industry. Anyway - enjoy!

(and - as an fyi - Huffer Nail was too damn lazy to send a link. instead, he sent a damn .wmv file. via email. who does that any more?)


High Pressure System

The forecast calls for scattered showers across the Hershey Highway.


Lawnmower Man

Just admit it. We've all been there before. And we've all heard the stories about "the guy who got a DUI on a lawnmower." Enjoy!

(Thanks Huffer Melonzip for the tip!)


February 9, 2009

Kids and drugs

7 year old gets tooth removed. Hilarity ensues.


Video Guide to Successful Seduction

Play on player.

February 8, 2009

Boat Ride!

All aboard! The Lonely Island craziness is about to set sail . . .

(Warning - Language)


February 5, 2009


February 2, 2009

Shop 'Til You Drop

Apparently someone pawned an awesome TV concept. Their loss is our gain.

(Thanks to Huffer Rebecky for the tip!)